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Message from DKOO1 Doobie
Do you have fun in Second life?
I have many communication area "CAFE".

Trenza Group

CAFE Andromeda / English

CAFE Eagle / German

CAFE Hyades / Portuguese

CAFE Magellan / French

CAFE Omega / Italian

CAFE Orion / Japanese

CAFE Pleiades / Spanish

For Staff

Would you ask for coming to play inworld by all means?
Please participate in our group if you are okay.
Then I pay you salary;
Please hear details from each Group General Manager.

Time card system is L$40/hour (Max120";per day)
& L$30/1Blog about Trenza(No Limited,anything okay about Trenza)
& L$200:Invite your friends as our staff.

If you are creator,I buy your products & skills.
But ALL FULL permision only!!

1.Fixed Item.
→Sales prices x Four times
2.Making Parts.
....a lot of SL jobs....

Don't worry.Free Time...
Let's enjoy Second Life together!!

My best Regards,
Trenza Owner;CEO
DKOO1 Doobie

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